Business Name: Upcycleco Location: White Rock, BC About Us: I upcycled apparel + accessories from resuced textiles. 100% Thrift Store Addict! We Sell: Online and in market sales of upcycled clothing + accessories for unique sustainable style! To Me, Supporting Local means: Buying from from small and local businesses, leaving positive reviews, liking and sharing […]

Clean Queen Bath Mats

Business Name: Clean Queen Bath Mats Location: Delta, BC About Us: A small business offering eco friendly products to Canadians. Empowering woman and giving back! We Sell: Sustainable bamboo disposable bath and shower mats! No more soggy bath mat. Eliminating bacteria and saving laundry time while keeping your feet and floor clean and dry! To […]


Business Name: Pauda.Eco Location: Vancouver, BC About Us: Pauda.eco started with a vision to contribute to how the world sees Art and luxury, turning a new leaf by attempting to view those with a mindful lens of sustainability. At Pauda.eco, our aim is to be mindful of the impact we have on the environment. We […]

Without Compromise

Business Name: Without Compromise Location: Surrey, BC About Us: After having reactions to mainstream products I became frustrated, so I started making my own! I use locally sourced as much as possible and support other BC businesses in my product. I won’t compromise and add ingredients that cause harm. We Sell: Multi-generational recipes, using organic […]

Coldwell Creations

Business Name: Coldwell Creations Location: North Vancouver, BC About Us: Jeanette Schisler of Coldwell Creations supports the circular economy by creating handcrafted woodworking from reclaimed and repurposed materials by simply not wasting waste. Whether it is lumber offcuts, old furniture, salvaged or broken materials, even once walked on floor boards, Coldwell Creations reworks purpose back […]

Mandala Blooms Creative Inc.

Business Name: Mandala Blooms Creative Inc. Location: Vancouver, BC About Us: Carolyn is artist that started intuitively painting these designs after she had breast cancer. Using sacred geometry and natural elements that represent growth and transformation, Carolyn create designs intended to help set a sacred space for meditation and yoga.  From getting comfortable with beautifully […]

Stone + Sable Collections

Business Name: Stone + Sable Collections Location: Agassiz, BC About Us: Sheryl started Stone + Sable Collections (originally Creative Concrete Works) in 2021 when she had her first child. Going from working + studying full time to primarily being a stay-at-home mom was a difficult transition, and starting up this small business helped Sheryl to […]

Sea Drift Decor

Business Name: Sea Drift Decor Location: Chilliwack, BC About Us: Evolved from working with driftwood and airplants in my condo storage unit, Sea Drift Decor is now Maureen’s passion. Seeing something – an animal, a hanger, or just a potential – in a piece of driftwood that most others would just walk over brings her […]


Business Name: HOLY DUCK CHILI Location: Vancouver, BC About Us: Our main objective at Holy Duck Chili is quite straightforward: to create a sauce that is so delectable, it gives you yet another reason to support small-scale enterprises. We strive to craft spicy sauces that is ‘so ducking delicious’ you will want to shop at […]

Pinyon Products

Business Name: Pinyon Products Location: White Rock About Us: Pinyon Products helps to replace disposable items with reusable ones, taking small steps to lower our carbon foot print. We focus on creating products to help you live a more sustainable and waste-free life. All our filters and bags are made of 55% Hemp & 45% […]