Business Name:

Earth and Fire Candle Company


Surrey, BC

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

Earth and Fire Candle Company is a small business owned and operated by Wendy Baak. Crated with luxury scents and all hand poured in small batches.

All candles are made with Eco Soy wax and high quality essential oil. All ingredients are pet friendly and clean burning.

Wendy has a passion for ambiance and candles. She tries to set the tone for each room she’s in with candles and lighting. Wendy decided to start making her own products with scents that inspire her and remind Wendy of her childhood.

Wendy works as a mental health and addictions nurse and when she comes home she uses candles as a way to feel soothed and decompress.

We Sell:

Artisan soy candles made with carefully chosen essential oil. All candles are hand crafted, made in small batches.

We are offering special gift boxes for Mother’s Day with new scents and new vessels coming soon.

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Means I hold value in those who take the time to create local handmade products and I’m a big believer of raising others up to support one another.

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