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Coldwell Creations


North Vancouver, BC

About Us:

Jeanette Schisler of Coldwell Creations supports the circular economy by creating handcrafted woodworking from reclaimed and repurposed materials by simply not wasting waste.

Whether it is lumber offcuts, old furniture, salvaged or broken materials, even once walked on floor boards, Coldwell Creations reworks purpose back into the wood to compliment the simplistic beauty that is already ingrained in it.  Home decor pieces like vases, candle holders, trays, risers and benches are simply shaped and organically designed to highlight the dings and dents from their past life.

We Sell:

Coldwell Creations uses repurposed materials when creating handcrafted woodworking with the emphasis on simple and organically designed pieces. Home decor pieces include wooden vases that hold water for your table top or wall, candle holders, wall art, business card and photo holders, risers on casters, low profile benches and trays.

1) All creations are made from repurposed or reclaimed materials. My go to salvaged supplies are lumber off cuts for vases and business card holders, antique glass salt and pepper shakers for budding vessels, vintage casters for risers and benches, once walked on floor boards for photo holders and antique furniture legs for candle holders.

2) Wooden vases are crafted with a hidden removable glass vessel to hold water for a simple floral or plant display collected on your walk or from your yard. Fresh seasonal garden cuttings, forest floor finds, a couple sprigs of herbs or a plant clipping for propagating can be kept fresh with water. Sometimes one seasonal clipping gathered from your yard or nearby forest walk is all that is needed to bring the outdoors in.

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Supporting local means to me a know better do better approach of prioritizing community over competition by keeping your dollars within your community by shopping small and close by.

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