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Vancouver, BC

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I believe that food should reflect the mood. I really make an effort to think ahead about how each dish should be prepared to really titillate the senses and add meaning to an event. Food gives life, true, but food also influences mood. The right combination of carefully selected ingredients can elevate a get-together from a meal to a memorable event. Dreamy, whimsical, corporate, even somber, can be conjured into a feast for the senses by finessing details like menu selection, presentation, adornment, and aroma.

I get really excited about turning simple events into celebratory experiences. A casual backyard barbecue or wedding, an informal cottage clambake, or a sophisticated penthouse cocktail party, there’s never a place that isn’t perfect for a sensory celebration that people will remember for years to come. Be it Italian comfort food, elegant canapés, exotic charcutière, or healthy organics, food is the bonding element of people … I am simply the alchemist.

We Sell:

We create small batch spice blends, simple syrups, preserves and pantry items to enhance flavor and improve your culinary skills.

To Me, Supporting Local means:

Buying local feels good! It supports your local community and its economy. Small businesses have a more personal touch and really care about their customers.

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