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Basic Baby Co.


Maple Ridge, British Columbia

My Business Is:

Women Owned

About Us:

Basic Baby Co. is an ecommerce business selling (and shipping) curated and custom gift bundles for babies and new moms across North America. My focus is really about offering customers gifts that are practical, without compromising on the quality or aesthetic. In other words, I ensure that the recipient has an excellent gift receiving experience, but one that provides them with those items that they actually need and will use. All of our gifts are carefully hand-packed and gift-wrapped in tissue with a bow.

My value proposition is probably best explained by telling you about my best selling postpartum gift bundle. It is a box of items that a new mom who gives birth will actually need (even if she doesn’t necessarily know it) to support a healthy postpartum recovery – think hospital grade maternity pads, disposable mesh underwear, perineal balm, and more. In addition to our postpartum bundle, I also offer more ‘traditional’, but no less practical, gift bundles – our other bestseller being the gender-neutral ‘love to baby gift bundle’ complete with two swaddle blankets, a newborn baby hat, washcloths, and an adorable lovey.

Basic Baby Co. is my proverbial lemonade. After years of working as a Probation Officer, Clinical Counsellor, and in other similar capacities for both government and non-profit, I was burnt out and frustrated. More than that, my own issues with anxiety had come to a head, making the (seemingly) most simple day-to-day activities of life feel very challenging, if not impossible. All to say, that what became very obvious was that I needed to take a break from what I had been doing and I needed a change.

In all the years that I spent thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, “entrepreneur” or “small business owner” were never even considered. I really can’t tell you the exact way the stars aligned when I decided to start building a business where I would curate and sell ‘a bundle of practical items that every baby actually needs’. All I know is that at that point in my life it provided me with an opportunity to be creative, to make and have something that was all mine, and to immerse myself in a world of all things adorable and innocent – all of which provided a change I needed. Four years later, I am still here trying to grow my little business one gift bundle at a time.

We Sell:

Basic Baby Co. makes gift-giving easy with our custom and curated gift bundles for new babies and new moms. Our unique collection of gifts are practical, focusing on things that a new baby or a new mom actually needs, without compromising on quality or aesthetic. All of our gifts are tastefully handpacked to ensure the recipient has a wonderful gift opening experience. Shipping across North America.

A Must-Have Product Is:

Our bestselling postpartum gift bundle!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

Remembering that there is an actually human being behind the store or service!


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