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Adventure Consulting


222 6TH St East, North Vancouver, V7L 1P5

About Us:

Branding – it’s like the heartbeat of every business, no matter its size. Here’s the deal: a killer brand has this magnetism that draws in new customers, sets you light years apart from your rivals, and cultivates a solid fanbase among your existing customers. Brand and Marketing Strategy consultants play a crucial role in the business landscape. Our job? To dive deep into the essence of your brand, scrutinize its performance, and dissect its strategy. Whether it’s a well-established brand that needs a new spark or a fresh newbie on the block, we’ve got your back.

We Sell:

Business consulting services! We specialize in brand, marketing, sales, and business strategy. Through our series of tools and exercises, we uncover the magic behind your brand to help set you apart and tell your story in a way that will resonate with your target audience. We create playbooks and guidelines that map out your brand identity, personality, and image and identify the optimal sales, marketing, and communications channels to reach new customers. We create processes, forms, and templates to help streamline operations and provide social media training and strategy.

We can work with you and your team onsite, or completely remotely. Our process is super collaborative, so you are involved in understanding how to take your brand to the next level every step of the way. We provide proprietary learning materials to help you prepare for each workshop so you get the most out of our sessions. We have a network of expert freelancers who can help turn these insights into action and design amazing websites, provide graphic design assistance, set up Google ads, and run your social media for you.

To Me, Supporting Local means:

As a brand strategist rooted in the North Vancouver community, supporting local is not just a business ethos; it’s a commitment to nurturing the very fabric of the community I serve. It means actively collaborating with local businesses, understanding the unique identity and values of North Van, and contributing to its economic resilience. It involves forging genuine connections with clients, understanding their local context, and crafting brand strategies that authentically resonate with the community’s spirit. Beyond transactions, supporting local means becoming an integral part of the North Vancouver story, fostering relationships, and playing a role in the sustainable growth and vibrancy of the community.

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