About Us

BC Shop Local is a community-driven initiative that supports and elevates local businesses in British Columbia. Our mission is to promote community, offer one-of-a-kind selling opportunities, and provide valuable resources to entrepreneurs across the province.

BC Shop Local was founded in 2020 by seasoned Langley based entrepreneur Kathleen King, who recognized that British Columbia’s small companies lacked a solid community and consistent access to resources to promote their growth. Since then, BC Shop Local actively aims to build a vibrant network of flourishing local entrepreneurs, with an unwavering dedication to collaboration above competition.

We work to cultivate an engaged network of local entrepreneurs, who desire to learn and grow alongside us.

Our unwavering emphasis on the needs of small businesses sets apart BC Shop Local. We understand that each business and its’ owner is unique, and we aim to tailor support accordingly.

We Offer our Community:

  • Selling opportunities at in-person local markets
  • A local business directory 
  • A growing variety of paid and free resources
  • “The Local Launchpad” – a bi-monthly newsletter
  • Encouragement and collaborative marketing opportunities
  • Small Business Consulting
At BC Shop Local, our target audience is the creative and enthusiastic community of local entrepreneurs across British Columbia. We believe in the possibilities of bringing business owners together, building genuine connections, and creating an environment where they can learn from experts and fellow entrepreneurs. We want to increase the knowledge and success of all of our members.

Everything we do revolves around community. We celebrate victories together and inspire other owners along the way. We believe that by uplifting one another, we can create a vibrant economic landscape that benefits not just our businesses but the community at large.

Our values reflect our dedication to teamwork, integrity, and continuous growth. Our devoted team works tirelessly to offer genuine support and stimulate growth for local businesses.

Our long-term goal is to become a recognized leader for local business growth across the province. We intend to become the go-to community for British Columbian entrepreneurs seeking advice, connections, and growth possibilities as we continue to enhance and broadening our offerings.

Together, we can build a vibrant and prosperous community where entrepreneurship thrives.

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