Business Name:

A Healthy Beginning

We Are:

Women Owned

About Us:

A Healthy Beginning was founded 9 years ago by East Van mama Iona Bonamis when she realized there were very few skin care products that were safe for her young kids and the environment, and didn’t create a lot of plastic waste.

Our line of time-tested, handmade skin care products use only natural ingredients that all moms will feel safe putting on their skin and their kids’ skin, and that create amazing results.

We use primarily certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients, while still keeping our products affordable. To reduce plastic waste and prevent toxins from leaching into our products, we use containers made with minimal plastic.

We Sell:

A Healthy Beginning offers all the essential skin care products busy moms and women need to take care of themselves as they take on the world. Our most loved products include our long-lasting regular and tinted lip balms, powerful aromatherapy roll-on blends, and Aphrodite’s Healing Balm.

If you want to learn how to make your own natural skin care products, we can also teach you how through our DIY workshops!

To Me, Supporting Local Means:

For us, supporting local means sourcing materials as locally as possible, as well as lifting up other local businesses through collaborations and other means.

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