3 Reasons why your Small Business needs a Blog

Throughout our time researching for lists and getting to know many of your small businesses here in the BC Shop Local community, we have come across a lot of your websites.

Some of them have a clearly defined action plan with their content marketing, while others focus their pages around products and direct selling. In order to have a successful website and reach new customers, it is so important to be implementing strategies for both!

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding blog content to your small business’ website:

1. Build Your Traffic

The volume of organic traffic that visits your website all depends on your site’s searchability. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as creating a landing page and hoping for the best anymore. Small businesses need to utilize SEO or search engine optimization in order to rank on Google in competitive industries. By using blog posts filled with keywords and relevant topics, your site is more likely to rank higher, making it easier for new and old customers to find you.

2. Benefit from being an expert

With new small businesses being created every single day, it is imperative to stand out in order to capture sales. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show your audience that you not only sell great products or services, but you are also knowledgeable about your industry and adjacent topics. This will tell both search engine algorithms and potential customers that you mean business!

3. Help you build a Community off social media

We LOVE social media and our community here on Instagram but at the end of the day, it is not an audience we own (and neither is yours). If you are solely relying on social media to reach your customers and instagram disappeared tomorrow, would your business survive? Regularly updating or adding content to your website is a way to encourage your customers to keep up on your website as well as your social pages. Consider starting a newsletter to promote products and also share new updates from your blog to maximize reach!

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Did you find this helpful?  We just touched the surface of the benefits of implementing content marketing. Leave your blog and SEO questions in the comments below so we can create future blog posts for you!

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