25 Ways to Show Appreciation to your Customers

It is so important to show appreciation to those who continuously choose to support your products and services!

Rewarding customers for their loyalty will help enrich their experience and encourage them to spread the word about your business to others. 

Here are 25 great ideas on how you can go the extra mile and show appreciation to your loyal customers: 

1. Send them a thoughtful handwritten note

A classic and effective way to acknowledge your customers in a thoughtful way. Bonus points is you can customize your note with their name!

2. Give a shoutout “customer spotlight” on social media

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Give a loud and proud thank you by sharing their order with your following.

3. Host an exclusive sale for loyal customers

Exclusive sales are a great way to encourage your customers to keep coming back. Offering a limited time sale or coupon to those who buy from you often is a great way to give back! 

4. Give a new product sample in their next order

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Adding in another product sample is a great way to introduce your customers to new or best selling products for them to fall in love with and reorder in the future.

5. Start a loyalty program with tiered prizes or discounts

Loyalty programs are a great way to show appreciation and entice your customer to keep coming back for more. These can be set up by a set dollar amount or number of orders. 

6. Have your business donate to a cause that is important to them

Connecting with businesses outside of your bottom line is great way to build your brand presence and loyalty. Making a donation to an organisation that matters to your customers is a very thoughtful way to show appreciation.

7. Offer a reward on their birthday

Birthday rewards remind your customers you are thinking of them throughout the year. You could offer an exclusive discount, a free product, or upgrade on their next order. 

8. Give early access to new product releases

What better way to test new products than on an audience who already loves what you do? Offering new products in advance to loyal customers can entice new customers to shop so they can be included in the future. 

9. Surprise them with an upgrade on their next order

A little extra can go a long way! Send a long the bigger size to your loyal customers so they can enjoy your product a bit longer before needing reorder next time. 

10. Start an exclusive mailing list to share special offer details

We always recommend starting a mailing list to ensure you are able to stay in contact with your customers. You can encourage sign ups and say thank you by offering special sales through exclusive deals.

11. Send them a special discount code on bad weather days

An unexpected pick-me-up can be just the thing to put a smile on your customers face. Celebrate the good days and the bad by sending along a special offer from time to time. 

12. Record yourself packing their order and share it with your community

Who doesn’t love checking out how things work behind the scenes? Build excitement by showing your customers how you prepare their orders before sending them off. 

13. Personalise their order packaging

A great way to make your customers feel seen and appreciated is to go the extra mile and add personalisations to their order. You could add their name onto a card or allow them to choose from a few colours options when placing the order.  

14. Show them you listen by making changes when they provide feedback

As a business owner it is important to stay in tune with your audience. By asking them questions and taking their feedback into consideration you are building trust and loyalty for your brand. 

15. Host a giveaway for those who have made a purchase X amount of times

Exclusive giveaways are an easy way to initiate connection with your repeat customers.

16. Start a referral program to encourage them to share with friends

There’s nothing better for your business than a great review or referral! Encourage customers to send new ones your way by offering them an incentive. 

17. Offer unexpected free shipping

Free shipping is a quick and easy way to encourage customers to reorder sooner rather than later. 

18. Reach out directly to let them know about upcoming sales

Connecting with your customers directly should always be a priority! Fill them in on your plans so they can feel included in the exciting moments coming up.

19. Celebrate with your customers when exciting things happen for them

Your most loyal customer just had a baby! How exciting! Celebrate this life milestone by offering them a discount or sharing a thoughtful message on social media. Staying connected is key. 

20. Send them a digital freebie such as a branded desktop, phone wallpaper, or graphic

If you aren’t in a position to offer up discounts or freebies with your offerings, why not create. a reusable digital gift you can treat loyal customers to.

21. Follow up with customers directly after they leave a review

Reviews are everything for small businesses. Be sure to give a big thank you to your loyal customer who take the time to support you in this way! 

22. Gift them coupons to share with friends or family

Friends or family discounts are a great way to extend your customer base and reach more of your community. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

23. Reach out to ask them their opinion on new products or services you are considering adding to the business

Loyal customer will be thrilled to be included in your product development process. Ask them what they like and don’t like or things that they would be interested in purchasing in the future. 

24. Team up with another small business to provide small unexpected gifts for one another’s loyal customers

The more the merrier! Combining your efforts with another small business is a great way to pool resources. and reach more customers. It is a nice way to introduce your customers to another great local business as well.

25. Send out personalized holiday greetings 

Celebrate your customers and let them know you are thinking of them throughout the year by sending out emails or cards on holidays. 


What is your favourite way to show gratitude to your customers? Share your ideas in the comments of this post!

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